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Assist Prof Miha Ravnik

e-mail: miha.ravnik@fmf.uni-lj.si
tel: +386 1 4766631
fax: +386 1 2517281
room: 413

Research interest

My research interest covers a variety of topics in soft matter physics, such as colloids, liquid crystals, bio-sensors, optics and photonics of anisotropic media, topological materials, and active matter. I try to direct my work along three main research directions: (i) structures in complex fluids, (ii) complex optics and photonics in anistropic materials, and (iii) active and passive microfluidics of complex fluids. My theoretical work in soft matter materials is typically strongly linked with experiments and typically relies on computer or analytic modelling based on phenomenological approaches.
More specifically, in past years, I worked on topics from: optical trapping, colloidal assembly in capillaries, inter-particle potentials, potential screening, Janus colloids, entanglement, 2D and 3D nematic colloidal crystals, hierarchical ordering, surface induced structural transitions, blue phases, topology, knots, optical resonant states, photonic crystals, flexoelectricity, facetted colloids, quasicrystalline tilings, defect dynamics, active and passive liquid crystal flow, flow in nano and micro channels, multidimensional confinement of active materials, active liquid crystal colloids.
Research highlights

Three-dimensional colloidal crystals in liquid crystalline blue phases [PNAS 2011]