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Assist Prof Miha Ravnik

Softmatter Group
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
University of Ljubljana
Jadranska 19
1000 Ljubljana

e-mail: miha.ravnik@fmf.uni-lj.si
tel: +386 1 4766631
fax: +386 1 2517281
room: 413

Research interest

My research interest covers a variety of topics in soft matter physics, such as colloids, liquid crystals, bio-sensors, optics of anisotropic media, and acitve materials. My theoretical work in soft matter materials is strongly linked with experiments and typically relies on computer or analytic modelling based on phenomenological approaches.
Research highlights

2D Interactions and Binary Crystals of Dipolar and Quadrupolar Nematic Colloids [PRL 2008]

Miha Ravnik, 2011