Janez Kos

About Me

I am a docent at Faculty of mathematics and physics, University of Ljubljana. My research interests are observational astrophysics, stellar spectroscopy, spectroscopyc surveys, interstellar medium, diffuse interstellar bands, galactic archeaology, open clusters, chemical tagging, computational methods, data reduction, and data mining.


  • Education and tenure:
    • Master in physics at the University of Ljubljana, July 2011,
    • Summer student at Astron institute, Netherlands, June-August 2012,
    • Teaching assistant at University of Ljubljana since 2012,
    • Working visit of Sydney institute for astronomy, September 2014,
    • PhD in astrophysics at the University of Ljubljana, June 2015,
    • Postdoc at the University of Sydney, June 2015 - September 2018,
    • Docent at the University of Ljubljana since 2017,
    • Currently at the University of Ljubljana.
  • Notable Publications:
    • Kos, J.; Zwitter, T.: ''Properties of Diffuse Interstellar Bands at Different Physical Conditions of the Interstellar Medium'', ApJ, 774, 72 (2013) link,
    • Kos, J; Zwitter, T; et al.: ''Diffuse Interstellar Band at 8620 {\AA} in RAVE: A New Method for Detecting the Diffuse Interstellar Band in Spectra of Cool Stars'', ApJ, 778, 86 (2013) link,
    • Kos, J.; et al.: ''Pseudo Three-dimensional Maps of the Diffuse Interstellar Band at 862 nm'' Science, 345, 791 (2014) link,
    • Kos, J.; Lin, J.; Zwitter, T.; et al.: '' The GALAH survey: the data reduction pipeline'' MNRAS, 464, 1259 (2017) link,
    • Kos, J.: ''Spatial structure of several diffuse interstellar band carriers'' MNRAS, 468, 4255 (2017) link,
    • Kos, J.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Freeman, K. C.; et al.: ''The GALAH survey: chemical tagging of star clusters and new members in the Pleiades'' MNRAS, 473, 4612 (2018) link,
    • Kos, J.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Betters, C. H.; et al.: ''Holistic spectroscopy: complete reconstruction of a wide-field, multiobject spectroscopic image using a photonic comb'' MNRAS, 480, 5475 (2018) link,
    • More on ADS, More on Sicris.
  • Collaborations:
    • RAVE survey, working on diffuse interstellar bands, and interstellar medium,
    • Gaia-ESO survey, working on diffuse interstellar bands, and interstellar medium,
    • GALAH survey, working on data reduction, stellar classification, clusters, chemical tagging, and more,
    • Gaia, member of DPAC CU6 group, working on radial velocity modules and interstellar medium.
  • Other astronomy related points of significance:
    • Observational experiences at 1.82 m telescope in Asiago and 72 cm telescope of the Astronomical department of Faculty of mathematics and physics.
    • Member of various astronomy clubs since 2003,
    • President of the Cygnus astronomical society (Astronomsko dru¨tvo Labod in Slovene),
    • Organized many public outreach events and educational events for youths.
  • Experienced in the following software, programming languages, and operating systems:
    • C, C++,
    • Python 2.7, 3.x,
    • Java,
    • idl,
    • IRAF,
    • LaTeX,
    • various flavors of sql databases,
    • html,
    • linux and linux servers.

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  • Courses
  • Available student projects
    • Discrete Chebyshev polynomials optimized for computation on graphic cards.
    • Gravitational potential of a stellar association.
    • Oxygen abundance of hot stars as a complementary data for the GALAH survey.


Janez Kos
Faculty of mathematics and physics
University of Ljubljana
Jadranska 19
1000 Ljubljana

e-mail: janez.kos@fmf.uni-lj.si

tel: +386 1 4766 524

office nr.: 214