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Nastopi na nedavnih znanstvenih srečanjih / Talks at recent scientific meetings – Tomaž Zwitter

202111, Second generation surveys with JAST80 at Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre, Stellar chemistry from narrow-band imaging

202105, Gaia CU6, Radial velocities from GALAH+ DR3

202012, Gaia CU6, AuxCatalogs: New derivation of Galah RVs

201909, SuperVOSS 2019 (Super Vatican Observatory Summer School 2019), Castel Gandolfo: Accurate stellar kinematics and chemical studies in the Gaia era

201906, European Week of Astronomy and Space Science 2019, Lyon (SOC member); SS22: Stellar multiplicity in the Gaia era: where do we stand? (SOC member); Archaeo-astronomy in an International Context (Chair) & open discussion leader.

201906, Stars without Borders: A Galaxy in crisis, Ljubljana (SOC Co-chair), Galactic archaeology and all-sky photometry

201906, 15 years of Galactic archaeology with RAVE - past, present and future, Potsdam, Comparing RAVE and GALAH

201904, 53rd ESLAB Symposium: the Gaia Universe, ESTEC Stellar chemistry for Gaia from photometric narrow-band imaging

201902, Asiago day at INAF, Padova Galactic archaeology and Asiago observatory

201902, Gaia CU4-6-8, Toulouse, Galah and Lamost for Gaia?

201809, Observing techniques, instrumentation and science for metre-class telescopes II, Tatranska Lomnica Galactic astronomy and small telescopes , invited, proceedings ))

201809, ANU, Canberra, Radial velocities from Galah (Seminar at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Australian National University, Canberra, 20190912).

201806, RAVE, Potsdam Radial velocities at the edges of the focal plane

201806, Gaia CU6, Liege, Auxiliary data: GALAH radial velocities

201712, Gaia CU6, Paris, Radial velocities from three ground'based surveys

201710, Lattanzio, Port Douglas, Measurements of stellar radial velocities, atmospheric parameters and ISM properties with large surveys (Conference With one hand waving free, Port Douglas, Australia).

201710, ANU, Canberra, Accurate stellar radial velocities with Gaia and ground-based surveys (Seminar at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Australian National University, Canberra, 20171027).

201710, AAO, Sydney, Galah radial velocities - technical aspects (Galah busy days, Australian Astronomical Observatory, Sydney, 20171023).

201709, Gaia-ESO, Catania, Precise stellar radial velocities in Gaia-ESO (Gaia-ESO Fourth Science Meeting).

201708, USyd, Sydney, Gaia space mission (Seminar at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Sydney, 20170831).

201707, RAVE, Heidelberg, Comparison of RAVE, Galah, and Gaia-ESO datasets (RAVE collaboration meeting).

201704, Quasars at all cosmic epochs, Padova, Gaia space mission and quasars (Proceedings: Gaia space mission and quasars).

201611, GASP 2016, Canberra, Interplay of stellar parameters, colours and distances in large spectroscopic and photometric surveys (Gasp 2016: Galactic Archaeology and Stellar Physics).

201610, Državni zbor/Parliament, Ljubljana, Slovenian astrophysics and the European Space Agency (in Slovene) - Slovenske astrofizikalne raziskave vesolja in Evropska vesoljska agencija (link/povezava)

201606, RAVE, Strasbourg, Spectra with reduction problems in RAVE

201511, University of Ljubljana, Talk at the presentation of the best research achievements of the University of Ljubljana in the year 2015 (in Slovene) - Govor ob predstavitvi najodmevnejših raziskovalnih dosežkov UL v letu 2015 (link/povezava)

201509, AAO (Sydney) & ANU (Mt Stromlo, Canberra) seminars, Dynamical interstellar medium with Gaia and massive ground-based spectroscopic stellar surveys

201509, Hermes-GALAH, SIfA Sydney, On noise in GALAH spectra

201509, Hermes-GALAH, SIfA Sydney, Preliminary distances and classifications of GALAH spectra

201508, RAVE, Victoria (British Columbia), Noise in RAVE spectra

201506, EWASS 2015, Tenerife, Dynamical interstellar medium with Gaia and ground-based spectroscopic stellar surveys (EWASS 2015, Sp20: 3D structure of the interstellar medium from absorption data in the Gaia Era, invited, proceedings)

201506, Gaia CU6, Leiden, Auxiliary atmospheric stellar parameters

201503, MOS, La Palma, Auxiliary science in Galactic archaeology surveys (Multi-object spectroscopy in the next decade: big questions, large surveys and wide fields, proceedings)

201412, Gaia CU6, Paris, On determination of effective temperature in AuxAtmParams

201411, Gaia-ESO, Porto, H alpha emission stars in the Gaia-ESO survey (Gaia-ESO Survey Second Science Meeting)

201409, Hermes-GALAH, Canberra, Benchmark stars

201407, Gaia, Ringberg castle, Mass estimation (Astrophysical calibration of Gaia and other surveys, invited theme talk)

201406, Gaia CU6, Mullard Space Sciences Lab, Determination of effective temperature (DU640)

201406, RAVE, Ljubljana, To-be-done list from Oxford

201406, RAVE, Ljubljana, Gaia commissioning & Gaia ESO

201405, Great Barriers 2, Palm Cove, Studies of circumstellar and interstellar matter with spectroscopic surveys (Overcoming Great Barriers in Galactic Archaeology 2, invited)

201402, Hermes-GALAH, Sydney, Hermes/GALAH input catalog

201312, Gaia CU6, Toulouse, More on auxiliary data catalogues

201311, Gaia-ESO, Arcetri, Search for peculiar stars and diffuse interstellar bands in GIRAFFE (The Gaia-ESO Survey: Consolidating the Survey Strategy)

201308, IAU General Assembly, Beijing, Radial velocities and the Hermes-GALAH survey

201307, EWASS 2013, Turku, Role of interstellar reddening and stellar activity (EWASS 2013, Session Fundamental stellar parameters, invited)

201307, RAVE, Oxford, Planning the next RAVE data release

201306, Gaia CU6, Ljubljana, Binary mask, noise cleaning & classification

201306, Hermes-GALAH, Sydney, Building the Hermes input catalog